About the Show

Oh Canada, Canada! is a bi-weekly Canadian history podcast wherein two best friends laugh, cry, and cringe (mostly cringe) as they recap and expand on Historica Canada’s Heritage Minute shorts.

Every other week, Oh Canada, Canada! releases a new episode examining the people and the events of that week’s Heritage Minute. We delve into the brave new world ~*beyond the minute*~ to better understand what we’ve learned about Canadian history through this nostalgic medium–and what we haven’t.  Because both the hosts are sticklers for accountability and are committed to Not Making Stuff Up, each post includes references to research materials used that week.

Kim and Jerry are not professional historians (Kim would like to note that she IS a professional researcher), but they’re both quite nerdy and passionate about it. They also both wear glasses, so that makes them credible.

Oh Canada, Canada! Podcast - KimKim Wakeford is a policy analyst, researcher, and writer living in Ottawa.  She has a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies and a Bachelor of Arts in English Studies and Gender Equality & Social Justice. Her likes include intersectional feminism, pizza, and comic books.  Her dislikes include casual sexism, mushy food textures, and aloofness.  All opinions expressed on This Thing are her own.

You can find her rants, attempts at art, and other meanderings at @kimbus2000 on Twitter and Tumblr, and her Very Serious Essays at Informed Rants.

Jerry P is the not quite so smart but quite handsome half of the podcast.  He’s a pop-culture wiz who balances a D&D, hockey, and music-based lifestyle, and is a true jack-of-all-trades (but a master of none) who definitely *DOES NOT* have self-deprecating sense of humour (he does).

He can be found on Twitter—often sarcastically praising the Toronto Maple Leafs and complaining about the state of politics—at @jerryisthinking.