Oh Canada, Canada! Joe Shuster Superman

Oh Canada, Canada! Episode 2: Joe Shuster

In this episode of Oh Canada, Canada!, Kim and Jerry© look at the Joe Shuster (Superman) Heritage Minute and discuss the life and legacy of Joe Shuster, the Canadian co-creator of Superman and human cautionary tale for copyright.  In addition to being the quintessential immigrant story, Superman inspired (and continues to inspire) generations of tight-clad crime-fighting brawny dudes. Intro and outro music credit www.intoinfinity.org

The Joe Shuster/Superman Heritage Minute, Linked below:

As mentioned in the episode, here’s a photograph of the old Toronto Star building on King Street West, which inspired Shuster’s design of the Daily Planet (initially called the Daily Star):

Oh Canada, Canada! Podcast: Joe Shuster - The Toronto Star Building inspiration for the Daily Planet


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