Ep 3 - Jacques Plante - Heritage Minutes

Episode 3 – Jacques Plante Heritage Minute

In this episode, Kim puts up with Jerry’s hockey fanboying as they discuss this week’s Heritage Minutes topic: Jacques Plante aka “Jake the Snake” (Not to be confused with Jake Roberts). They get into the history of the Montreal Canadiens goaltending legend and how his decision to wear the first goalie mask would change how hockey would be played forever. Intro and outro music credit www.intoinfinity.org

(Jacques Plante’s original goalie mask via Sports Illustrated)

Heritage Minutes - Jacques Plante Mask


(Elizabeth Graham from the Queen’s University Women’s Hockey Team. First to wear a mask as a goalie in an organised game via Greatest Hockey Legends)

Heritage Minutes - Jacques Plante - Elizabeth Graham


(Gerry Cheevers, first goalie to wear a mask and apply art to it via Vintage Sports Items)

Heritage Minutes - Jacques Plante



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